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Fuel Level Monitoring

Keep an eye on your vehicle fuel level in real-time right on your phone! Get instant notification alerts on fuel fill and fuel theft. Know the vehicle fuel consumption rate, etc.

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Fleet Management

Tracking is a basic function and we go an extra mile to provide you with analytical reports. Our solution is a powerful tool to not only secure your assets but also optimize resources and save costs.

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Vehicle Tracking

We provide real-time vehicle tracking with a powerful and user-friendly mobile & web Application. Get live location feed and historical movements of vehicle from the palm of your hand!

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Electronic Cargo Tracking

Track your container cargo from the point of loading to the point of discharge. Get instant alerts on tamper and route deviation. Monitor movement of goods remotely to prevent theft & dumping of goods illegally.

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Video Monitoring

We provide vehicle onboard cameras for real-time video recording and storage of what happens in and around your vehicle. Helps in monitoring vehicle usage, solve accident cases and provide level of security for cargo & crew.

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Consumer Electronics Tracking

This solution is targeted at tracking of valuable consumer electronic products such as laptops, desktops, TV, Music systems and more to easily find them in case of theft. Ideal for schools, churches and other big organizations

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Our Mission


Our company was founded with only one mission - To connect our customers with what they care about through latest and reliable monitoring and surveillance technologies.

Our Vision


We envision to be the leading African provider of sensing, GPS tracking and monitoring solutions powered by latest advances in mobile technologies, big data analytics, cloud computing and the internet of things (IoTs)

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Smart Embedded Systems Limited is an IoT service provider. We provide solutions that are backed by latest advances in smart sensing, telecommunications and cloud computing. Our solutions range from automobiles GPS tracking, fuel level monitoring, fleet management, temperature monitoring and much more. We serve customers in all industries be it insurance, banking, telecommunication, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, construction etc.

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Completed Projects

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What features do I get from your solution?

Smart embedded systems provides basic and advanced fleet management system features, the basic ones includes real time tracking and history, vehicle immobilization, critical alarms and alerts, advanced features includes fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring and RFID access.

What the pricing for your solution?

The price of smart embedded system fleet management system is reasonable and is quoted based on functions desired by the client.

Can I track my vehicle on mobile phone?

Smart embedded system provides both mobile app and web based computer software to enable the client access his/her car at all times.

Can I track multiple cars on my mobile app?

Smart embedded systems provides the capability to track any number of cars on the same user account, be it one, two, one hundred or one thousand cars , all can be tracked on a single view.


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Video Monitoring


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  • May 2 2023
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New dawn for the transport sector as fuel management systems enters the mainstream.

Managing transport vehicles fuel usage is a cumbersome exercise, how well it is executed has direct bearing on business performance, in a country like Kenya where majority of the commercial transport vehicles are under bank financing, failure to manage fuel expenses often leads to expensive vehicle repossession and eventual auctioning of the same, luckily fuel […]

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  • April 2 2023
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How a fuel monitoring system in Kenya can boost transport operators profits

Commercial transport is a vibrant sector in Kenya, it falls into three broad categories, we have the passengers transport, cargo transport and the school transport, each has its own unique challenges and opportunities, with the digital transformation wave sweeping across all the sectors of an economy across the world, a digital solution focusing on challenges […]

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  • October 31 2022
  • Smart

The role of diesel fuel monitoring systems in driving costs down for transport operators

Today we are in the era of digital transformation, modern economies are relying heavily on technology to drive down costs and to extend the reach of their products in the marketplace, digital transformation has become a common strategy across the industry sectors. In the area of commercial transport and logistics, diesel fuel happens to be […]

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